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Success Stories

    OPDL FINALS - 2001G Live Stream - Nov. 4th 3:30pm

    11/03/2017, 2:45pm EDT
    By Angad Singh

    Watch our 2001 Girls team play against Hamilton United on Saturday November 4th, 2017 at 3:30 PM in the OPDL Finals!!!…



    WOSC League 1 Players Get Recognized

    11/02/2017, 11:30am EDT
    By Angad Singh

    We are proud to announce that Mollie Eriksson - Goalkeeper & Olivia Cooke - Winger/Wing Back from our Women's League 1 team were invited to the U-20 Canadian National team camp & U-17 Canadian National team camp respectively this summer and now have been invited to the Canada Soccer Ontario Regional EXCEL Super Centre. They will be moving to Toronto at the start of the new year.

    A total of 28 players have been called in for the program from across the Ontario region. The program is scheduled to start in January and run uptil June. You can read more about Super Rex here -…

    We wish them the best of luck for the program and future endeavours.

    OPDL Season Success

    10/04/2017, 9:30am EDT
    By Russell Shaw

    We are coming to the end of a very successful 2017 OPDL season. The club has three teams currently still in playoff contention with hopes of winning the charity shield this year in November (2001 boys, 2001 girls 2002 boys). It has been exciting to see the journey of the club from year to year in the OPDL. Last year was the first year West Ottawa had a team reach the playoffs and this year to have 3 teams in contention shows the evolution of our clubs development.

    Tryouts for next season's OPDL U14,15 and 16 begin in November and our U17 Showcase this week, October 2, 2017. Please go online at to register.

    A tip of the hat to our members pursuing a College or University education while playing varsity soccer! We applaud your dedication to sport and academics. Best of luck!

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    A tribute to our former players and staff who participated in varsity soccer while attending College or University.