Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Ontario Soccer’s Return To Play restrictions, WOSC camps are paused indefinitely.

Winter Warrior Adventure

March Break Soccer Camp

WOSC presents to you a Winter Warrior Adventure for our 2020 March Break Soccer Camp. This is a fun but challenging camp open to ALL soccer players between the ages of U8 (2012) to U12 (2008). The focus of the camp will be to learn & improve upon technical skills while preparing for the upcoming summer season.

NEW to this year: a Winter Warrior Adventure! Camp attendees will have a field trip to the KRC hill for tobogganing as well as a ‘Amazing Race’ style competition that will be all-inclusive and feature tons of excitement and games!

At our March Break Soccer Camp

Players will be encouraged to display their skills and creativity. We know at this age role models and demonstration is very important to a player’s development. This is why we bring in top-level coaches to instruct. Technical (skill) training will focus on building a greater repertoire of soccer related skills and movements within the context of small sided games and drills. We create a fun and challenging environment essential to stimulate learning. Tactical training is designed to develop field awareness and encourage good decision-making. Players will be taught simple combinations, marking and running into space. Mental aspects of training are intended to develop each player’s intrinsic motivation and foster a passion to play and improve. We will also focus on good training habits and basic principles of play. One thing that is universal with all our camps is that we treat every player with the assumption that they are at camp to improve. Development is the focus. Nothing less should be expected from a coach, player or parent. 


We pride ourselves on our staff. We seek out the best. We look for friendly, responsible, motivated and talented individuals.

Instructors to date
  • Kwame Telemaque
  • Russell Shaw
  • Cathy Briggs

These coaches along with a few others will instruct over the course of the week giving each player an opportunity to work with a variety of coaches.


Participants need to bring an adequate amount of food. During the day we are very active and ample amounts of food will be needed for energy. Our day camps are peanut free so please refrain from sending peanut products.

What To Bring
  • Soccer Cleats
  • Running Shoes
  • Soccer Ball (w/name)
  • Shin Guards
  • Track top and pants
  • WOSC training top, shorts & soccer socks (dress code tbd)
  • Water bottle (w/name)

We recommend you write your name on your belongings. We also recommend that expensive items be left at home. Staff are not responsible for items that go missing.


Monday March 16th to Friday March 20th, 2020


U8 (2012) to U12 (2008)

Open to players from any club


9:00AM to 4:00PM

Early / Late Pick Up:

 8:00AM / 5:00PM (no additional cost)



Registration / Payment Options

Online at the top of this page with Visa or MasterCard or In person at 1927 Richardson Side Road – 613 831-1135 with cheque, debit, Visa or MasterCard.


WOSC Domes – 1927 Richardson Side Road