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Ordering Through SoccerX

  1. Click the SoccerX button above to access the WOSC Club Store
  2. Create your account on SoccerX or log in to add WOSC PUMA Apparel to your basket
  3. Place your order and have your items shipped directly to your home address!

Ordering Through PUMA Local Retailer

In addition to our standard method of purchasing through the Club Store on SoccerX, the West Ottawa Soccer Club presents a new & local way for our members to purchase WOSC PUMA club apparel through a local retailer:

Here are some of the key features of this alternative way to purchase WOSC gear:

  1. Click on the Local Retailer button above to view commonly purchased apparel items made available through this online store
  2. Orders will be placed online and payments will only be accepted online through the link above
  3. Orders will be available for pickup at the WOSC offices during designated times

Representative Standard Kit

NOTE: Game jerseys cannot be ordered without your club assigned jersey number. Contact if you do not have an assigned jersey number.

Representative Elite Kit

Goalkeeper Apparel Kit