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Featured Coaches - Adriana Laneve & Raul San Martin

By Cathy Briggs & Gord Macdonald, 01/01/17, 8:00AM EST


ADRIANA LANEVE - Lead Coach U9-U12 Girls’ Mini Ball Mastery Programs      

      Adriana Laneve is the lead coach for the girls’ U9-U12 mini ball mastery programs.  Growing up, Adriana has played in the top youth league, the OYSL, as well as playing for the Ottawa Fury women’s team who won the USL Super 20 League, New England Division in 2013. 

     Although still young, Adriana has been coaching for a number of years as a way to give back to the younger generation.  “I want to be able to grow kids into amazing soccer players but I also want to be able to teach them lessons outside of soccer.”  This passion has led to Adriana pursuing a degree in education at the University of Ottawa. 

     When asked about the best advice she has ever been given, Adriana responded, “The best thing you can do is be absolutely imperfect.  Make as many mistakes as you can while you’re young so you can learn.” WOSC is proud to have such a dedicated coach.

RAUL SAN MARTIN – Lead Coach U11 and U14 Boys’ Teams           

     Raul San Martin grew up playing soccer under the bright sun of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  There, he played soccer for the University of Sao Paulo before moving to Canada to gain his Masters and PHD in Electrical Engineering. 

     Raul is also a competitive tennis player and enjoys the challenge of half marathons.  This dedication to sport makes his ideal soccer player one who is focused, takes practices seriously and loves working hard.

     Raul believes that nobody is born talented.  Talent is developed through hard work, motivation and a “talent whisperer” (coach).    Raul is committed to trying to make a difference in players’ lives, to be a role model, not only in soccer but in life.  WOSC wishes Raul the best in his upcoming soccer seasons.